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Melbourne’s LP gas experts

LPG Auto Power was established in Melbourne in 1995 and since then we have consolidated and grown until in 2010 we were named by the AAFRB as the single largest workshop in Victoria. Our team consists of fully qualified technicians, we do not employ apprentices, so you can feel confident that your vehicle is in the best hands.

Save money today

By making the switch to LP Gas today, you are going to save thousands of dollars in the long term. When you choose LPG Auto Power to make your conversion, you will notice our prices are very reasonable and will be re-couped in savings within a short period of time. With LPG prices around half the price of petrol, now is the time to make the switch. Call on the LP Gas experts today.

Our clients

Our clients come from all over Melbourne, from private individuals through to large corporations- in this time of economic conservatism- with companies paring down their expenses and with gas prices around half that of petrol prices right now switching to LP Gas makes sense and will save you thousands of dollars over time. Begin today to re-coup your investment.