Want an LPG Conversion? Here’s how…

For all LPG conversion work in Melbourne Call on the experts at LPG Auto Power. Offering a very comprehensive service at a competitive rate, we can provide you with expertise in LP Gas conversions and repairs for your automobile. Our helpful team can provide you with quick and reliable advice on any issues you may […]

Tell me about LPG Injection

LPG systems have been around for decades. “I’m putting my car on gas” is something that has been said for years by caravan owners, those with big V8s and commercial vehicle owners. Trouble is, while there have been savings in fuel costs, ‘gas’ cars have also had a long and well deserved reputation for poor […]

What is Dual Fuel?

A dual fuel vehicle is a vehicle that has a tuned system that allows the vehicle to operate on two types of fuel. The only heavily used dual-fuel system is that of the LPG/Petrol setup. My brother, when he was at university, had an old Holden Kingswood ute that packed a fair bit of grunt. […]

Gas Conversion Information

What are the advantages of having your car undergo a Gas Conversion? The advantage of using LPG as a motor fuel is its potential for cost savings. It can be up to 60 percent cheaper than petrol, litre for litre. Other advantages are reduced exhaust emissions and potentially longer engine life. LPG also offers a […]

LPG Rebate information

LPG Rebate – Vehicle Scheme (LPGVS) Program Status: Open for applications. Description: The LPG Rebate – Vehicle Scheme provides grants for the LPG conversion of a registered motor vehicle or the purchase of a new vehicle fitted with LPG prior to first registration, subject to eligibility criteria. The Program Delegate can declare a waiver to […]

Dual Fuel Conversions – Myths Busted!

There’s numerous myths floating around dual fuel conversions, autogas and its use in your car – Gas Energy Australia busts some of the most prominent ones. Myth: Dual Fuel Conversions and Autogas is not as safe as other fuels Busted. In Australia, the LPG Autogas industry is controlled by rigorous national standards and additional state […]

Autogas – Fuel of the Future

If you spend a good deal of time driving and fill up your car with petrol once or twice a week, you should consider switching from petrol to LPG (Autogas). There are around half a million Australian cars running on LPG with 44,000new and converted cars coming on the roadin the past two years. Holden […]

Dual Fuel – 3 tips to cut driving costs

Beat the Budget with 5 Tips to Cut Driving Costs With the 2013 -14 Budget leaving little wiggle room for Australian families, it’s time to start thinking about simple ways to tighten our belts. Dual Fuel is a fantastic way to save your family money. Gas Energy Australia members such as LPG Auto Power have […]

LPG Auto gas is the safe, inexpensive way to run your car

LPG Auto gas is the safe, inexpensive way to run your car. Especially as the family budget seems to get more and more stretched! And because Auto Gas burns cleaner than other fuels, it significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions. Autogas also reduces engine wear and carbon build-up on internal engine parts. No […]