Can the government help with the cost of an LPG Conversion in Melbourne?

Compared to fuel, LPG gas is much cheaper and that alone makes it easy to understand why so many are getting a LPG conversion in Melbourne. But, are there any other advantages than cheapness of fuel? Does it help the environment? Will the Australian government help with the installation cost?

Let’s have a look at these questions and then you can see if a LPG conversion is right for you and your vehicle.

What Are The Advantages To A LPG Conversion?

With petrol prices almost constantly rising, the consumer is always looking for a cheaper way to get around these days. LPG is a great answer to that quest, with it costing generally 50% less than most other fuel sources for vehicles.

This kind of savings will help recoup the cost of the conversion in less than a year, in many instances around right months. Think about what this can mean for a household with two or more vehicles. How about companies with fleets of vehicles?

When you have a dual fuel vehicle, you have more options and longer travel times between fuel stops. Think about traveling across the Outback. You can go hundreds and hundreds of kilometers without ever seeing a soul, much less a petrol station. But when you have two tanks of fuel on board, things like that tend not to worry someone.

Will LPG Help The Environment In Melbourne?

Even though it depends on your vehicle and the way you drive it, LPG still produces lower amounts of CO2 than both gasoline and diesel fuel. Diesel produces 2.7 kg per litre, gasoline will create 2.3 kg per litre and LPG only makes 1.6 kg per liter. That alone makes LPG much better than the alternatives.

LPG also doesn’t create and carbon deposits, which is much better on the longevity of your vehicle’s engine. It is suggested that you start your vehicle on petro first thing before driven to help maintain lubrication in the engine, but most conversion injection systems will automatically perform this function for you. Make sure to check with the installer to get the specifics of your new system.

LPG (or Autogas) also produces some of the lowest of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of any commercially available alternative fuels for your vehicle.

Will The Government Help With The Cost?

You bet they will!

If the brand new auto you buy already has a LPG system installed, you can claim a $2000 refund. This includes vehicles fitted with LPG at the time of manufacture and vehicles fitted with LPG after manufacture, but before first registration.

If you convert an existing vehicle to LPG, you can claim $1000 back from the government if the conversion is completed between 1 July 2012 and 30 June 2014.

This information can be found here:

With all of these reasons, it is easy to set see why so many are taking up a LPG conversion in Melbourne.  If you need more information just get in contact.