Conducting LPG safety checks regularly and accurately is essential.

We can conduct: 5 gas computerised LPG emission tuning and brand specific LP Gas injection system tuning
We have Interface for most LP Gas injection system available on the market.
Including Impco, BRC, Emer, EmmeGas, Prins, Tartarini&Landi Renzo
Also the latest diagnostic tools& ECU OBDII & Can Bus system scanners.

Radiator Repairs

Tuning, servicing and maintenance:

  • Comprehensive Safety checks
  • Venturi System LPG Tuning
  • Injection System LPG Tuning
  • 5 Gas Fully computerised Emission Checking
  • Diagnostic Checks & Adjustments

Full inspection of LPG components including the LPG Cylinder 10 year Test.

We can also look after your general servicing and mechanical work.

This includes:

  • Change oils and filters
  • Service Clutch and Brakes
  • Service Your Transmission
  • General Mechanical Repairs
  • Service as per Manufacturers Handbook